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Or telephone me on 01737 84 36 01

About the organiser

John Leitch has been living in the village of Brockham for the past 20 years. It lies on the opposite side of Dorking to Leith Hill.

I'm 66 and a retired journalist, having worked most recently as business editor on a construction weekly called Contract Journal.

I'm a keen cyclist as you might have guessed though up until the age of 47 I didn't turn a pedal, as my sport until that time was badminton.

I'm a member of Redhill Cycling Club and I have them to thank for backing me in setting up this challenge as any insurance issues that might arise are covered by their policy; otherwise I would have needed to go to a private insurer and cough up whatever is the going rate which would stymie the plan to pass 100% of all donations on to Room to Read.

After entering the world of racing cyclists I have become a qualified cycling coach with British Cycling and that helped me set up Redhill Raiders Junior Cycle Squad three years ago; it is an extension of Redhill CC.